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Company Profile


Tai Shiang Seedlings Company was founded in 1988 and initial operating area was 0.05 hectares


Won the Changhua County Outstanding Professional Farmers


Won the National Model Farmers


Won the National Top 10 Outstanding Professional farmers Shennong Award


Served Shetou Township Councilman in Changhua County


Currently operating total area have expanded to 10 hectares and reorganized as Tai Shiang Seedlings Co., Ltd.

Tai Shiang seedlings established in 1988 and founded by chairman, Mr. Liu Ching Tsun, and reorganized as Tai Shiang Seedlings Co., Ltd in 2019. Moreover, seedlings have been supplied to Nantou County and occupy for 80% market share in Taiwan. International trade mainly in Southeast Asia, with Vietnam as mostly exported country, secondly in China, Malaysia, Thailand and Korea.

Tai Shiang Seedlings Co., Ltd has become leading manufacturer of cultivating healthy seedling production technology in Southeast Asia, and having professional production of passion fruit healthy seedling technology. We insist the principle of providing high-quality, the concept of healthy product virus-free seedlings, and customer-oriented, to provide the most professional customer service. Face different regional environment, mutative market demand, we have the ability to make quick and timely response, providing the highest quality advice on planting, to meet variety of customer needs.

Tai Shiang focuses on the future, crosses out international and challenges emerging markets, insists to provide the best healthy services seedlings, and international market demand for passion fruit is nonstop increasing, we see more opportunities and prospects. Great cooperation, start from here!

Global Supply Area

Taiwan: Nantou County, accounting for 80% of the supply of the country.
Southeast Asia: Vietnam, followed by China, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea.






South Korea

Product Items

Passion Fruit Virus-Free Grafted Seedling

Leading Varieties

Tainon No.1

When fruit getting mature, peel appears bright red, slightly glossy, maximum weight for fruit roughly 120 grams, average fruit weight around 62.8 grams, juice rate is high, fruit flesh presents yellow, strong fragrance, slightly higher acidity, is currently main passion fruit variety in Taiwan, suitable for processing.

Full Star

As the fruit approaches maturity, peel appearance will be from cyan, orange yellow with a little purple, and lastly turn into purple. Ripe fruit and smooth purple red surface with white dots, like sky studded with star in a ball, that’s why get the name of Full Star, and for this variety was our chairman breeding and named it, and industry have used this name until now. Besides, Full Star with high sweetness and fruity.


The color appears golden yellow, the sweetness is high, and the scent of the guava is richer. The appearance is exquisite and well-proportioned, and also has a layer of waxy luster; when passion fruit becomes eight matures, the sweetness is about 16 degrees. If you can accept micro-acid, you can eat at this time; if passion fruit have enough saccharification after putting for three or four days at normal temperature, the sweetness can reach more than 20 degrees.

Hardware Equipment

In order to avoid seedling affected by the factors of climate and instability weather,
Tai Shiang provides the most technological and strongest hardware equipment and facilities to take care of each growing seedling in the greenhouse.
Using mechanization to replace human, try to eliminate improper factors for manual operation and deduct labor expenditure.
Rootstock Cultivated Area and Flat Transport System
Straight Automated Seed Drill
Horizontal Automatic Seed Drill and Loader
Automatic Air Extraction System
Automated Loader
Suspension Handling System
Suspension Handling System

Biotechnology Laboratory

"If your seedlings are healthy, and the subsequent problems will be small."
Nowadays passion fruit virus has no special pesticides to use.
The key point of epidemic prevention is healthy seedlings that are strictly controlled from the source.
In order to manage maternal plant conditions and improve seedlings internal quality control,
Tai Shiang has a biotechnology laboratory with advanced equipment,
which can effectively detect six kinds of passion fruit virus immune serum and nucleic acid detection reagents,
and establish a plant sampling technology which can improve virus detection rate and accuracy,
therefore we can effectively control the quality of passion fruit seedlings from the source.


Tai Shiang has the most professional technical team,
in order to make shipping more smoothly, we purchased the most technology-driven packaging machinery and equipment,
each packing level has technical staffs to do quality control, to ensure that shipments have the highest quality every time.



Inland transport


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